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In the middle of nowhere...

Or the middle of everywhere is how I like to look at it ;) I was born and raised on the family farm in north central Kansas, which I think will explain where I get my love for simplicity. Even though I'm still located in rural Kansas I work with clients from all over the country, from Portland to New York. 

My husband and I have 4 children - three boys and a girl. Everyday in our house is full of craziness, adventure, prayer and love.   

After graduating college, I gained over 10 years experience in corporate graphic design before taking on my dream and building my own business, Calico Hill Creative, in January 2016.

I get inspired by...




Interior design


Old architecture

I also gets lots of inspiration from my clients... their dreams, their work and their passion.  



Behind the Name

When coming up with the name for my company, I kept going back to my roots and those roots are firmly planted on my family farm. There is a hill in the pasture of the farm where I grew up that my dad refers to as Calico Hill because it has such a wide variety of rocks sprinkled across it. Now, every time I see those words "Calico Hill Creative" I am reminded of my childhood and the hard work and dedication it takes to grow a business and a family.


- Crystal Cline