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I am Crystal Cline, owner of Calico Hill Creative. I spent over 11 years working as a Graphic Designer at Brush Art Corporation in Downs, KS, a full-service advertising agency. I left in January of 2016 in order to have more flexible time for my young and growing family. Shortly thereafter, I started Calico Hill Creative.


Behind the name


When coming up with the name for my company, I kept going back to my roots and those roots are firmly planted on my family farm. There is a hill in the pasture of the farm where I grew up that my Dad refers to as Calico Hill because it has such a wide variety of rocks sprinkled across it. Now, every time I see those words "Calico Hill Creative" I am reminded of my childhood and the hard work and dedication it takes to grow a business and a family.


Why Calico Hill?


I work with a variety of clients, from small boutique shops, to national non-profits and, from my experience in the corporate world, many agriculture and construction-based companies. I like to think as a farm girl I bring a unique perspective to the graphic design side of agriculture products. A point of view that you don't find too often in large agencies. 


Scroll through below to browse some examples of my design work. 


LandMark Implement

I was deemed lead designer when LandMark began a complete rebranding a few years ago and they have been growing ever since. 


From stationery, vehicle wraps, eNewsletters & apparel, everytime your logo is in front of your potential customers you have a chance to show that you are a professional business with a trustworthy product.


Reinke Irrigation


Reinke needed to pull all of their advertising into one cohesive look. After accomplishing that, I was also able to help accommodate them with print quality files that were editable so that their individual dealers could add in their contact information all on their own.

Branding is about so much more than what people see. It’s about how you make people feel.
A logo created for Reinke for their baseball themed dealer convention.

A logo created for Reinke for their baseball themed dealer convention.


Photoshop Work

I can't emphasize the importance of professional photography enough, however there are always times when existing photos can be altered to fit a certain look or purpose. Photoshop work is a skill that takes much control and finesse in order to keep things looking realistic, and it's one of my favorite things to do.



Another complete rebrand, beginning with the logo...


The task with AgJunction was to simplify a lot of complicated information and sub-brands into a cohesive look across all of their collateral. 


The result is a clean, professional brand that doesn't leave consumers confused.




Re-Introducing Rob-See-Co, a seed company that wanted to focus on their roots as a family-owned business, which dates back to 1888, yet show that they are also at the leading edge of today's seed market.  


We captured the feeling with a warm branding full of history and large color photographs.



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