riverside renovations

Logo + Branding Design

One of my favorite parts of my job is that I get to help my clients build their dream. Usually by the time I hear from them, they have been thinking, planning and dreaming of their business for a long time. To finally put a visual to their dreams is such an exciting step, and I'm thankful that I get to be a part of that with them. This was definitely the case while working on this branding project with Chris and Chandra Wagner of Riverside Renovations. 


I also always love when clients include a symbolic meaning in their logo, like the feather the Wagner's chose to include in their branding. Chandra tells a beautiful story of walking her daughter to her first day of school and finding a trail of feathers. She told her daughter it was a sign her guardian angel was with her. What a beautiful sign to know you are on the right path and guarded by angels. What else could we hope to know in life, at any age and in any decision?


I also designed a graphic for their tagline, "Making your house feel like home."


As well as business cards.


And graphics for their trailer.


Plus a few submarks and other supporting graphics.

You could see my vision.
— Chandra, co-owner of Riverside Renovations

Nothing but best wishes to this couple on their new journey, guided by passion and faith.